10 Essential Personal Hygiene Products

Personal hygiene products have a lot of importance in day to day life.  A lot of diseases causing microbes are living in our surrounding. This infect ants will enter in our body and cause many deadly diseases like flue, infections and so forth. Personal cleaning is the best thing we can adopt to rid away with these microbes. For that you have need special cleaning agents that have the capacity to kill microbes and protect our body. Here we are going to introduce some top selling cleaning products available in market.

  1. Hand and body lotion

Hand and body lotion is high grade lotion to rehydrate and protect skin. Hand and body lotion is rich in texture and is easily absorbed into the skin. These lotions will prevent harmful rays and avoid itching in skin.


2.Hair and body Shampoo

Chemex Hair and body shampoo is a refreshing hand and body wash. It is enriched with moisturizer to protect skin. Its refreshing fresh scents make it ideal for washrooms.


Shower gel

The another cleaning agent everyone requires is a shower gel.. A good shower gel contains disinfecting agents in low quality. Chemex Shower gel is a top selling shower gel available in market. It is a fusion of shampoo and shower gel. It can be used for gentle formulation to smoother skin.


Hand Sanitizer 

Hand sanitizers are one among the important personal hygiene product required in day to day life. Around 70 top 80 percent of microbes enter into our body through hands. This can be avoided by proper washing and cleaning of your hands using sanitizers. Hand sanitizers are cleaners that kill a range of virus and bacteria’s that spread diseases. They are virucidal that passes EN14476 with 1 minute contact time. Hand sanitizers are enriched with moistures to protect your skin. The advantage of hand sanitizer is they will quickly evaporate without residue.

Hand Sanitizer Chemex

Anti Bacterial Hand soap

Anti Bacterial Hand soap is a bactericidal hand wash suitable for removing deadly microbes from hand. This is a perfect disinfectant that kills almost 99.999 percent of bacteria in our body. Anti Bacterial Hand soap is odor less so it can be effectively used in areas like kitchen, restaurants etc where food is prepared. Apart from this Anti Bacterial Hand soap helps to prevent the risk of cross-contamination. It contains moisturizing ingredients so it is ideal for frequent hand washing in high-risk areas.


Liquid Hand Soap

Hand cleaning is not about wetting it with some water .For proper cleaning you have to wash your hands with cleaning solutions that have the capability to remove bacteria and virus that stick into our arms. A good liquid hand shop should produce a luxurious creamy lather with water. It should be contain a moisturizer to protect skin.

Some top rated liquid hand soap available in market are Liquid Hand Soap ( Silk ), Liquid Hand Soap ( Soft ), Liquid Hand Soap ( Floral), Liquid Hand Soap ( Aqua Fresh )


These are some top selling personal hygiene products available in market. For more personal hygiene products visit us on www.chemex-me.com.