Steam cleaners remove stains, embedded dirt and odors from most upholstered furniture and at the right temperature; they can also disinfect sofas, chairs. Read this article to know about the importance of dry steam cleaners.

Get the Right Equipment

A steam cleaner makes little difference in the cleanliness and appearance of upholstery, but a unit with an upholstery attachment with stiff bristles gently scrubs the upholstery, loosening dirt and stains quickly.

Vacuuming and Pretreating

Vacuum the furniture thoroughly with a soft-bristle attachment. Pretreating stains also leads to the best results. Test your chosen spot treatment in a hidden area before tackling the actual stain; not all fabrics stand up well to stain removers, and certain products may cause lightening or discoloration.

Steam Cleaning Tips

Read the directions provided by the steam cleaner manufacturer thoroughly before starting. Work your way from the top of the furniture down and spend ample time on each section. A quick once-over won’t remove dirt and stains effectively, nor disinfect the upholstery.

Spend at least 1 minute per section for the best results, and up to 5 minutes per section if your steam cleaner only reaches a lower heat. When you’re finished, refrain from sitting on or using the furniture until it’s completely dry.

Benefits of Professional Steam Cleaners

When faced with excessively dirty upholstery, hiring a professional is in the best interest of your furniture. Keep your upholstery clean by steam-cleaning on your own annually, and hire a professional every year for a deep cleaning.

Depending on your lifestyle and the condition of your furniture, you may be able to do this less often or invest in yearly professional cleanings. Steam-cleaning is one of the best ways to make your furniture last for several years.

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