How to clean windows like a Pro? A step by step guide Part 1

Window cleaning is certainly not a troublesome errand. Anybody can clean their windows. But cleaning windows like a professional cleaner is  little bit tough. For that, you have to give extra care in every step of cleaning. It begins with the choice of gear. Picking the correct cleaning gear that meets your necessity will spare your time and exertion. In this article, we are exploring through the different type of cleaning equipments required for window cleaning.

Equipment required for window cleaning


Buckets are one among the most essential components needed in any cleaning process. You can choose medium-sized buckets. These buckets must be wide enough to fit the squeegee and mop in.

Professional cleaners always prefer specially designed buckets like Bio Chemex window cleaning buckets for window cleaning


Another important tool required for window cleaning is Squeegee. Squeegees are commonly used to remove or control the flow of liquid on a flat surface. They are usually made with a handle, channel and smooth rubber blades. Their rubber blades are replaceable.

window Squeegee China made



Window Squeegee IPC – Italy

Different types of Squeegee are accessible in the market. So you should give extra care while selecting squeegees.

Spray Bottle

A spray bottle is a bottle that can squirt, spray or mist fluids. Spray Bottles are commonly filled with water and detergents for effective cleaning. Spray Bottles be effectively utilized for indoor window cleaning.


Scrappers are used to removing tough marks such as paint, varnish, insect marks and other stain attached to windows. Pocket Scrappers are commonly used to clean smaller areas. Scrappers easily remove paint, tape, stickers, and construction debris like stucco or caulk from walls, windows, tiles, and glass.

Commonly used scrappers are window scrapper, floor or glass scraper, Pocket scrapper etc.

Floor and Glass Scrapper              Window Scrapper


This is another important item used for window cleaning. Different types of mops are available in the market.A mop essentially has to two parts they are plastic t bar and sleeve.  Sleeves are used to clean the surface. You can detach it from the t-bar and put it in the washing machine for cleaning. Professional window cleaners usually use specially designed window cleaning mops for cleaning.

Window applicator ECO              Window Applicator Pulex

Cleaning Agents

A wide range of window cleaning agents are accessible in the market Window Cleaner offers effective cleaning fo rwindows, mirrors, and windshields. . Glass cleaners are commonly used window cleaners.

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