How To Clean Windows Like A Pro? A Step By Step Guide Part 2

Keeping windows clean adds more ambience to space. With proper cleaning gears and guidance, it is an easy task. In our previous article, we had described diverse sorts of cleaning gears required for window cleaning. As a continuation here we will uncover some secret tips used by professional window cleaners. Try these tips and make your windows squeaky clean.

1. Choose a cloudy day or early evenings to clean your windows, during day time sunlight will cause evaporation of your cleaning solution and windows get dried off before cleaning.

  1. You can use specialized buckets like Bio Chemex Window cleaning bucket for window cleaning. Fill half of the bucket using cold water. Don’t use hot water, since it evaporates easily. Afterwards, you can mix your cleaning chemical in water. This solution can be used to clean windows.
  2. Mops are the primary cleaning equipment used in window cleaning. First you have to Immerse your mop in cleaning chemical, Afterwards, you can use it to clean windows.. Give special care to remove all dirt and debris attached to glasses. Specialized cleaners like glass cleaners are commonly preferred over normal cleaning solutions.
  3. 4. Scrappers can be used to remove stubborn stains or marks on the windows. You should give extra attention while using scrapper. Don’t use scraper blade in the backward direction, improper usage of scrappers will create starches and permanent marks in windows.
  4. You can use specially designed squeegees to clean your windows. For that first, you have to learn proper placement of squeegees. Depending upon the size of the windows you can use squeegees from top to bottom (straight stroke) or from side to side.
  5. Use a microfiber towel or cloth to remove water residue attached to windows plane and glasses. This final cleaning will remove remaining marks and particles in the window.
  6. Clean your windows once a month. Proper cleaning will increases the life span of windows.

We hope that now you are understandable with various aspects of the window cleaning.

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