The world is a victim of pollution. The increase in pollution has led to lot of damage to the nature as well as for the human skin. Various air pollutants such as ultraviolet radiation, poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, affect the skin as it is the outermost barrier. Air pollutants damage the skin by inducing oxidative stress. Although human skin acts as a biological shield against pro‑oxidative chemicals and physical air pollutants, prolonged or repetitive exposure to high levels of these pollutants may have profound negative effects on the skin. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation has been associated with extrinsic skin aging and skin cancers.

So, to battle with the skin issues and its prolonged consequences we need to take the concept of personal hygiene much more seriously.

What is personal hygiene?

Personal hygiene can be defined as an act of maintaining cleanliness and grooming of the external body. Maintaining good personal hygiene consists of bathing, washing your hands, brushing teeth and sporting clean clothing.

Products used for personal hygiene might contain harmful chemicals that could destroy the sensitive tissues of the human skin cells. So, it is very important to find the apt products for your regime.  If you are planning to choose your personal hygiene products , then don’t think twice choose the right brand – The wide range of personal hygiene products by Chemex Hygiene Concepts .

Being the most reliable cleaning solutions, Chemex Hygiene Concepts has been serving UAE for more than three decades . Our personal care range consist of hand soaps, hand sanitizers, shower gels, hair shampoo etc. All our products focus on eradicating toxins accumulated in the human skin due to pollution, bacteria and Sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays.

Hand Soaps:

Chemex Hygiene Concepts presents  a wide range of hand soaps available in different fragrance – pineapple , silk , aqua fresh etc. These hand soaps ensure to wipe all the excess dust and gunk from your hands and make it squeaky clean.

Hand sanitizers:

Travelling is one of the most exciting things one could do in their life. But, did you know that travelling may cause exposure to unhygienic places. A solution to this is carrying a  hand sanitizer and  Chemex Hygiene Concepts provides travel friendly hand sanitizers as a boon to your travel diaries.

Shower gels and Shampoos:

Your body is always exposed to micro and minute particles of pollutants every second. To get rid of these pollutants a hot shower is a must and the best shower product you can find would be the Chemex Hygiene Concepts 2 in 1 shower gel which can act as a shower gel as well as a deep conditioning shampoo which removes excessive oil from your hair. Chemex Hygiene Concepts also provides separate shampoos as well, according to your convenience.

A path towards self-love is definitely by pampering your body and skin with products that you can trust the most and Chemex Hygiene Concepts never lets down their customers’ expectations. So, what are you waiting for, grab the personal hygiene range by Chemex Hygiene Concepts as soon as possible and shower some love to your skin and body. To know more about the products or other services that we provide visit our website –