It is a fact of life that we all use restrooms. And when nature calls, we expect those restrooms to be clean, functional and operational. As leading cleaning solutions provider in the Middle East, we understand the importance of maintaining cleanliness in washrooms.  Recent studies show that very few facility management companies understand the requirements of maintaining a clean washroom and how it affects the satisfaction levels of its users.

Were you ever aware about the type of bacteria and viruses present in washrooms? The answer would be definitely a no. But you might have heard about the following diseases – pneumonia, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, dysentery, gonorrhea etc. These are some of the common diseases that spread through infected restrooms. No doubt about it, there could be a witch’s brew of germs wherever you turn in public restrooms. And this could turn out to be one of the down side in managing your movie theaters, shopping complex, office space, retarding the customer attraction due to the unhygienic conditions of public restrooms.

So, what can you do to avoid such embarrassing situations? Definitely move on to the path of bacteria free washrooms and Chemex Hygiene Concepts will help you out in this job. The amazing range of washroom care chemicals by Chemex Hygiene Concepts will ensure to keep the washrooms clean and tidy with a very pleasant fragrance.



A multipurpose sanitizer with a fresh pine fragrance focuses on killing the bacteria present in restrooms. Its usage is ideal at school, leisure centers, clinics, and wherever there is a risk of cross infection.


Suitable for floors, toilets, sink and drains the long-lasting disinfectant cleans and freshens up the washroom with the mild fragrance of pine, lemon, lavender pine, citrus pine etc. It usually focuses on removing Quaternary ammonium compounds and bacteria.


Weighing 3kg the deodorant blocks are usually used in urinals and channels. It has a soluble formulation to overcome the risk of blocking drains and contains residual perfume to deodorize and surfactant to clean.


Ideal in hard water usage, the flushout toilet cleaner is an extremely strong and heavy-duty toilet cleaner. Hydrochloric acid enriched descaler, is used in heavy descaling of porcelain toilets and urinals.


Expert in unclogging the blocked drains in seconds, the acid based liquid drain cleaner is a heavy duty drain cleaner.

The facilities within a building are not simply functional necessities, but they should also reflect the brand narrative. Doing so presents a unique opportunity to deliver a great and consistent experience between your customers and your brand. And that starts with the restrooms. Research published by Medical Construction and Design shows that 73% of the business community believes that a bad toilet environment indicates poor overall management. Considering that the washroom is often the first or last interaction a customer has with a business, a negative experience can leave a lasting impression.

So don’t let your quality fall down at any cost and Chemex Hygiene Concepts will be a guide to cleaner and bacteria free restrooms. To know more about our product range please visit our website.