Things you have to know before buying a cleaning agent –Part 1

Cleaning is one of the important activities in everyone’s day to day life. But most of us are confused with selecting the proper cleaning agent. Since cleaning is a needful thing for maintaining a healthy life, you should give extra care while selecting cleaning materials. A cleaning agent is a prime thing we use for cleaning. A cleaning agent removes or assists in removing dirt and germs from the applied area. But sometimes its residues will remain. This will cause allergies and diseases. So you should give proper care while selecting a cleaning agent. There are varieties of cleaning agents available in the market. Selecting a cleaning agent is a tough task. We hope the below checklist will help you to compare available features and to find the best one which will suit your requirement.

The various kind of cleaning agent available in the market are

  1. Detergents

Detergents contain significant quantities of chemicals containing surfactants. Detergents are of two types. Soapy detergent and Synthetic detergent.

Soapy Detergents are made from animal and vegetable fats. They are commonly used for cleaning skin, fabrics etc., while synthetic detergents are made from organic chemical derived from petroleum. They are commonly used for housekeeping purpose.

  1. ACID Cleaner

Acid cleaners are prepared using acids of different concentration. Depending upon the requirement. This type of cleaners reacts with water-soluble chemical deposits to produce water-soluble salts.

Uses of different acids are given below.

Concentrated HCl Removes stubborn hard- water deposits.

Dilute HCl- Removes stubborn scales and deposits from sanitary ware. It will also remove excess cement from newly cemented tiled areas.

Oxalic- Removes stubborn hard- water deposits

Acetic acid- Removes tarnish and stains from metals.

Sodium and sulfate- Removes hard-water deposits and scales from toilets.

  1. Alkaline cleaners.

Alkaline cleaners are commonly used to remove grease from the laundry. These are used as cleaning agents in the form of liquids and powder.  Some of them are toxic. Extreme care should be given while handling with alkaline cleaners. These caustic alkalis are also used as a bleach for cleaning purpose.

Some of the alkalis used for cleaning purpose and their usage is given below.

Sodium hydroxide- Removes grease

Ammonia-Remove grease

Sodium carbonate-Remove grease

Sodium Per-borate-Used for clearing blocked drains

Sodium Hypo-chlorite-Used as a disinfectant.

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