What is the difference between a cleaner,a sanitizer and a disinfectant?

One of the major issues a facility manager faces is choosing the right cleaning agent. We are surrounded by different types of cleaning agents like cleaners, disinfectants, sanitizers etc. However, most of us face a difficult situation when asked what type of cleaning agent should be used for cleaning a particular area. In this article, we try to break the ice and explain the difference between the three major cleaning agents you will have to use on a daily basis.

A better understanding of what they do and don’t do will help you to choose the right cleaning agents that meet your requirements.

Cleaning Agents

Regular cleaning agents like liquids, powders, sprays, or granules simply remove dirt, dust, debris, and odors from surfaces. They will make your surrounding clean. But most of the cleaners lack the ability to remove invisible substance like microbes and bacteria’s that cause diseases. Cleaners can be used in the first step of cleaning procedure since it improves appearances.

Some top-selling cleaners are Grout cleanr,,Neutral Floor cleaner,Floormaintainers ,Degreaser, Multipurpose cleaner and Polish ,All Purpose Cleaner ,Acid Cleaner etc

Sanitizer and Its Use

A sanitizer will reduce the amount of fungus, bacteria and other microbes present in the surface to a level considered safe by public health codes. A good sanitizer must reduce microorganisms by 99.9 percent within 30 seconds. Sanitizers are comparatively weak chemicals that can only reduce microbes. So they are commonly used in places like hospitals, schools, and childcare centers.

All purpose Cleaner+ , Bleach extra ,Bleach Lemon , Bleach Regular  are some of the best sanitizers available in the market.

Where do Disinfectants Work?

Disinfectants are chemicals that kill nearly 100 percent of the disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and fungi listed on its label. Disinfectants are commonly used in areas, where stopping the spread of Healthcare Acquired Infections is vital. A good disinfectant must reduce the levels of these microbes by 99.999 percent in 5 to 10 minutes.

Some commonly used disinfects are CX20 Disinfectant, Lavender Pine Disinfectant , Lemon disinfectant , Citrus Pine Disinfectant ,Pine Disinfectant , Antiseptic Disinfectant , Antiseptic Disinfectant Plus ,

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